Product features

The D5K and D8K engines

Volvo engines for Volvo trucks. Power and performance in a perfect mix, providing great driveability.

The D5K and D8K engines


Long-lived, bright and characteristic. The V-shaped LED lights of the Volvo FL will light your way in the darkness.

Volvo FL headlights


Automated reliability and efficiency. Manage your gearchanges without a clutch-pedal and experience easier and more efficient driving.

Volvo FL I-sync

Volvo FL 4x4

With four-wheel drive and the XX-High chassis, the Volvo FL handles rough road conditions with ease.

Volvo FL 4x4


The Volvo FL has been equipped with the most accessible instep possible, minimising the strain on your body during those many entries and exits.

Volvo FL instep

Volvo safety cab

Safety, both on the inside and on the outside. Extra reinforcements, extra seat anchoring and rounded corners will make your work assignments as safe as they can possibly be.

Volvo FL safety cab
The D5K and D8K engines Headlights I-Sync Volvo FL 4x4 Instep Volvo safety cab


Everything in its right place. The Volvo FL cab has a multitude of options when it comes to adding smart and easily accessible storage possibilities.

Volvo FL storage


Monitor fuel consumption, driver times, emissions and service intervals in real time from any location, through an intuitive web interface.

Volvo FL Dynafleet

Power take-offs

Add extra power for your additional applications like a cooling equipment or a blower system. The PTO:s can be connected to both engine and/or gearbox.

Volvo FL power take-offs
Storage Dynafleet Power take-offs