Designed to blend in….
….and to stand out

The new Volvo FL deserves to take its proud place in the Volvo truck range. It may be smaller than its muscular long haul and construction siblings, but your eye instantly tells you that it is very much part of the family. 

V-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights now standard.
V-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights

With the introduction of the new Volvo FL it is instantly clear that there is a clear and consistent design philosophy applied across the Volvo Trucks range. A new attitude and brand identity created with strong, bold lines and graphics is conveyed. Design features such as distinctive vertical headlamps with V-shaped Daytime Running Lights and the clear outline shaped by the black grille leave no room for doubt – you’re looking at a fully-fledged member of the Volvo family.

Street smart

New design sees the classic Volvo iron mark lifted from the grille to a higher, more prominent position under the windshield. This creates the visual impression of a larger windscreen, which in turn makes the driver seem ‘closer’ to the street. Conveying this type of accessibility is a vital aspect of working with our more compact trucks, as they will be used primarily in environments with lots of people around.

One look tells you that this truck shares the same DNA as its larger siblings.

New look harmonises with Volvo design theme.
Same family, own identity

Same family, own identity

As well as blending in to its surroundings, there is another reason for these changes – harmony across the entire range. The new front design shows that it proudly shares DNA with its legendary bigger siblings whilst still retaining its own individual personality.

Creating an impression

So just how should owners, drivers and even city-dwellers react when they see the new Volvo FL? It is anticipated that the new design will help people on the street and other road users feel comfortable in the presence of this truck. At the same time, owners and drivers will hopefully feel proud of the fact that they are associated with Volvo and enjoy a truck that does its job superbly.

New 3-piece bumper with steel corners is easier to repair.
 Creating an impression