Play it safe

Truly smart safety features offer many benefits. They target and minimise specific risks. They support the driver as specialised jobs are carried out. They even deliver cost efficiency advantages.

The new Volvo FL builds on our proven track record of innovative safety through the addition of new, strong features. The truck is now equipped with ESP (Electronic Stability Program), the result being enhanced levels of driving performance and safety through improved directional and roll stability.

The acclaimed Volvo Safety Cab represents a protective shell of the highest standards.
Volvo Safety Cab

Be seen and be safe

As well as the proven benefits of ESP, other preventative safety equipment on the new Volvo FL includes smartly designed mirrors that minimise side blind spots and new front LED Daytime Running Lights. Both of these features optimise visibility – from both a see and be-seen perspective. Good news for the driver, city centre cyclist and pedestrian.

New seat design

Inside the cab itself, the driver can consider himself at the centre of a zone that is among the safest any truck driver can enjoy. Our acclaimed Volvo Safety Cab has been complimented with a new seat that offers enhanced crash deformation and frontal movement characteristics in the event of an accident.

Surround yourself with world-class preventative and protective safety features

A commercial advantage

Obviously, the physical safety of drivers, other road users and pedestrians is paramount. However, we are also aware that avoiding small accidents and reducing the need for time-consuming repairs can make a major contribution to truck uptime and total cost of ownership. When it comes to safety, our mission is clear – why not climb aboard and find out for yourself?