Volvo FM chassis

Developed for drivers and bodybuilders.

Versatile and easy to build on – two of the most widely appreciated features of the Volvo FM. And it all comes down to the chassis, which is designed for easy and quick bodybuilding.

The chassis dynamics are also what provides the truck with its driving characteristics. On the new Volvo FM, they’re better than ever.

Chassis heights, approx
  • X-Low (tractor): 810 mm
  • Low: 850 mm
  • Med: 900 mm
  • High: 1000 mm
  • Tractor: 2,850 to 4,100 mm
  • Rigid: 3,200 to 6,700 mm

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Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions interface

Give the bodybuilder a head start.

Volvo has always been popular among bodybuilders. Several smart features, such as our bodybuilder brackets, different rear end cuts and Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions save the bodybuilder unnecessary work – and save time. On the new Volvo FM, we’ve expanded our chassis offering to make it even easier to adapt your truck to the needs of the superstructure.

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World class handling

Great handling as standard.

The new Volvo FM is based on the same chassis platform as the new Volvo FH. We’ve greatly improved the suspension systems and stabilisers to provide the truck with world-class handling. And then there’s the option of Volvo Dynamic Steering – providing you with effortless steering control at all speeds.

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Tandem Axle Lift

Raised drive axle – lower fuel consumption. Introducing Tandem Axle Lift.

Convert your 8×4 into a 6×2. Or your 6×4 into a 4×2. Volvo FM is now available with the all-new Tandem Axle Lift, a revolutionary feature that allows the rearmost drive axle to be disengaged and raised when you unload. Just like a tag axle would, this greatly improves the turning radius and reduces the fuel consumption – by up to 4% when unladen.

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Volvo FM chassis layout, top view

Have the chassis layout your way.

Want to carry as much fuel as possible? Or does your superstructure come with particularly tricky requirements? Don’t worry. The chassis layout of the new Volvo FM offers more options than ever before, making it easy to find a specificiation to match your needs.

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Volvo FM has lost weight

Volvo FM has lost weight.
You’ll gain payload and fuel economy.

While other trucks have put on weight to fulfil Euro 6, we’ve gone in the opposite direction. By optimising the standard specifications, such as the 4×2 tractor, we’ve made the truck a whole lot lighter. In fact, this new Volvo FM weighs 75 kg less than its Euro 5 predecessor. All translating into higher payload and lower fuel consumption.

Discover how a weight loss of 75 kg can increase payload by 225 kg

10 tonne front axle load

Increased axle loads.
Increased margins.

If you’re into heavy jobs, we’ve got good news for you. The new Volvo FM has been dimensioned for even higher axle loads. Now the front leaf suspension, for example, can handle loads of up to 10 tonnes on a single axle and 20 tonnes on dual front axles. This increases your margins and makes it easier to handle heavy or unevenly distributed cargo. 

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Five axles from factory.
No need for retrofitting.

We can now offer 5-axle trucks from factory. The benefits compared to retrofitting an axle are numerous. You get your truck with a complete vehicle type approval. You get it quicker and avoid costly reconstruction work. You also get full warranty and Volvo aftermarket support, which makes for lower operating costs in the long run.

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