Volvo FM driving uphill

Exceeding the toughest of demands

We’ve upgraded our driveline to Euro 6. And we did it without compromising on performance.

A Volvo engine with I-Shift is still the ultimate combination for great driveability and fuel economy. And the rear axles are just as reliable and fuel-efficient as ever.

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  • D11K (330, 370, 410 or 450 hp)
  • D13K (420, 460 or 500 hp)
  • I-Shift (3 models)
  • Manual (5 models)
Rear axles
  • Single reduction (GCW approval: 44–70 tonnes)
  • Hub reduction (GCW approval: 70–120 tonnes)
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Volvo Euro 6 engines

Fuel-efficient. Torque-strong. And Euro 6.

Volvo diesel engines are famous for their great driveability and fuel economy. And the new range of Euro 6 engines are no exceptions. The high torque at low revs makes them a pleasure to drive as well as a pleasure to own. Choose from 11 and 13-litre engines with horsepower ratings ranging from 330 to 500 hp.

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Astrid Drewsen on meeting Euro 6 and saving fuel

I-Shift gearbox

Intelligent driving.
A no-brainer with I-Shift.

Of all Volvo inventions, few things have been so widely appreciated as the I-Shift. Just let go of the gear selector, and every gearshift is carried out quickly and fuel-efficiently.

I-Shift is available with the clever I-See function and has now been reinforced for severe-duty applications operating in very hilly and very rough terrain.

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Fuel saving packages

The fuel deal. Up to 11% fuel reduction.

Want to save even more fuel? We’ve bundled our most fuel-saving features into two packages. They contain both nifty hardware features, such as I-See and engine idle shutdown, and helpful services such as the new Fuel Advice.

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