Equipment packages for the new Volvo FM

On this page, you find:

  • Long haul fuel packages
  • New Volvo gold contract
  • Transport efficiency package
  • Driving packages
  • Resting packages
  • Visibility packages
  • Personal protection package
  • Airflow package
  • Audio packages
  • Active safety package

Download all the equipment specifications (PDF)

Long haul fuel packages

Vehicle package
I-See, including I-Cruise
Engine idle shutdown
24V, 150A alternator
Clutchable 2 cyl. 900 litres/min air compressor

Service package
Fuel Advice
Dynafleet Fuel and Environment
Driver training: Efficient driving

New Volvo gold contract

In addition to the existing maintenance and repair programme, the new gold contract also contains:

New Service Planning
Features Online
Uptime promise

Transport efficiency package

Dynafleet Driver times
Dynafleet Messaging
Dynafleet Positioning
Driver times feedback
Driver training: Transport Business and Legislation

Driving packages

Driving Driving+
Roof hatch, manual (electrical on Globetrotter LXL)
Exterior sun visor
Interior sun visor with mirror
Mirrors, electrically controlled and heated
Armrests on driver seat
Locking of passenger door from driver side
Central locking with remote key
Electronic Climate Control (ECC)

Resting packages

Sleeper cab Globetrotter and Globetrotter LXL cab
1 bed 1 bed (Arctic) 1 bed 1 bed (Arctic) 2 beds 2 beds (Arctic)
Sleeper control panel
Interior lighting with night light and dimmer
Cab parking heater
Engine and cab parking heater
Rear storage, 154 litres
Top bunk, fixed and foldable

Visibility packages

Visibility Visibility+*
Headlamp cleaning
Static cornering lights
Rain sensor
Bi-Xenon headlamps
Automatic headlight switching
Dynamic headlights (Bi-Xenon)
* The Visibility+ package is only available with rear air suspension (RSS-AIR)

Personal protection package

Burglar alarm
Alarm with external sensor
Safe box in cab
Main switch, remote controlled circuit shutdown
Main switch as for ADR trucks
○ = option.

Airflow package

Roof airflow panel
Side airflow panel, long
Chassis side skirts*
Side underrun protection
Additional chassis fairings*
* Only tractor

Audio packages

Basic High
Display required

Audio CD
wav/wma/mp3/iTunes m4a
Speed-dependant volume control
Extended mute functions

FM/AM antenna
FM stations 12 18
AM stations 6 6

Connections and interfaces
Low-level input, 4 channels
3.5 mm stereo line input
USB connection
iPod interface

Number of loudspeakers 4 6*
Output 4x20W 4x35W
* 4 loudspeakers on day cab.

Active safety package

ACC with forward collision warning and emergency brake
Lane Changing Support
Driver Alert Support