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Euro 6 and the fuel savers

At this point of the European countdown on emissions, most people know that tuning a Euro 5 engine to meet Euro 6 normally means a significant increase in fuel consumption. The fact that Volvo has met the challenge without a significant increase is excellent. At the same time, the new Volvo FM is available with two new fuel savers – allowing customers to meet Euro 6 and save fuel.

Astrid Drewsen

Astrid Drewsen is the powertrain product manager respon-sible for the new Euro 6 compliant D11 and D13. “Compared with their Euro 5 predecessors, the fuel efficiency of the new drivelines is almost on par, while performance and drivability are identical. This goes for the entire range with ratings from 330 to 500 horsepower.”

Clean and mean

The new Volvo FM meets the toughest environmental demands yet: nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 80 percent and particulate matter is halved. This has been made possible by improved Selective Catalytic Reduction technology and a more efficient Ad Blue dosing system. Since December 31, 2013, all new trucks have to meet the new emission demands.

Euro 6 engine from above

Saving fuel from the start – with I-See 

The fuel saving technology recently launched with the new Volvo FH has taken a further leap forwards. I-See can now save up to 5 percent fuel – from the moment it starts driving. It does this by using information about the topography of the road to manage the speed and gear changes for optimal fuel efficiency. Now this data is automatically downloaded from the I-See database.

Fuel efficiency almost on par, performance and drivability identical

“It knows – exactly – how to make the most of a hill or slope. Because it has the gradients of the road ahead it can tell the engine and I-Shift transmission what to do to take advantage of the kinetic energy. In this way I-See mimics the driving patterns of a good driver,” explains I-See developer Anders Eriksson.

Access to a bank of fuel savings

I-See is able to record and upload gradient data. This means that if it comes to a road that isn’t yet in the database, it will automatically collect and send the data to the database. So it’s there for next time – and other I-See users can access it, too.

“Major roads should be mapped just weeks or even days after launch. So every truck with I-See can start saving fuel without delay,” says Anders Eriksson.

Anders ErikssonFuel Advice: never stop saving

Volvo’s Driver Development programme sharpens fuel saving techniques among drivers of all levels. But to sustain the savings over time, nothing beats the continual follow-up and advice of a personal advisor. Transport solutions manager, Jarkko Aine, outlines the new Fuel Advice service:

“Until now only the largest operators have seen the benefits of a personal fuel coach. But this works as a subscription on the truck – so it’s economically viable for any number of trucks. After each analysis, a report is conveyed to the driver with actions to take. And the fuel advisor who creates the report can be contacted if a query comes up.”

Fuel Advice helps to save up to 5 percent fuel and can be used to carry on reducing monthly fuel expenses.

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