100% uptime – a golden promise

Some promises are easy to keep. Others can appear to be too good to be true. We decided to investigate which category Volvo’s new promise belongs to. We turned to service director Christian Gustavsson and transport solutions manager Jarkko Aine for answers. “Volvo doesn’t make promises it can’t keep,” says Jarkko Aine.

According to Jarkko Aine, the secret is “proactivity through connec-tivity.” That’s what gives the Swedish truck maker the confidence to offer customers a new Volvo Gold Contract that promises 100 percent uptime. “We have great confidence in our technology, knowing it is not only rigorously tested but also supported by an extensive network of workshops throughout Europe,” says Jarkko Aine.

Stand still too long and Volvo pays for it

“That’s right,” says Christian Gustavsson, “it’s there in black and white in the contract. Uptime Promise states that in the event of a standstill, we undertake to get you back on the road without delay. In fact, if our customer is not up and running in the agreed time, Volvo will compensate them. But given the belief we have in our products, we don’t expect to have to pay too often.”

Telematics Gateway – the promise keeper

The Volvo FM is equipped with an advanced communications unit called Telematics Gateway that keeps a watchful eye on the truck’s vital components at all times. “It gives us the opportunity to do reality-based maintenance, rather than following a schedule that takes the truck off the road when there’s no need. The truck can be serviced when it’s not needed,” says Christian Gustavsson. “When brake pads or other key components are in better condition than expected, the workshop can adjust the maintenance plan. This has a positive impact on profitability.”

Press a button and Volvo answers in your language

When we point out that even the best designed and maintained truck can come to a sudden, unwanted stop, Christian Gustavsson agrees. “It’s highly unlikely, but of course we’ve planned for it – so even if the truck has an unforeseeable breakdown, the operator won’t have a nervous one,” he adds. “In the event of an unplanned stop, the driver simply presses the VAS-button. This automatically provides a direct line to Volvo Action Service On Call, which is open round-the-clock, 365 days a year – with over 1,100 authorised workshops across Europe. The driver is connected to an operator who speaks their language.”

100% uptime – a golden promise

A digital technician on board

Curious about the VAS-button, we ask Christian Gustavsson what actually happens when it has been pressed. “Telematics Gateway sends the diagnostic trouble codes and the truck’s GPS coordinates to Volvo Action Service. They contact the nearest Volvo workshop, so the right tools and parts can be swiftly dispatched in a service vehicle with an appropriately trained technician. The result is rapid repair and a speedy return to the road.

Naturally, the VAS button can also be used in other circumstances, too – if the truck has had a break-in, for example. We just want drivers and operators to know we can assist,” Christian Gustavsson concludes.

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