Volvo FMX

Volvo FMX, the modern construction truck, packed with innovative solutions and groundbreaking features.

4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, 6×6, 8×2, 8×4, 8×6, 10×4 or 10×6

D11 or D13 (330 to 540 hp)
Volvo FMX with I-Shift

A knee-saving invention.

Stress-free driving, great fuel economy and easier manoeuvring thanks to a host of intelligent gear-shifting software functions. The automated I-Shift transmission is a sheer pleasure to drive. Now it’s finally available for the most challenging driving environments.

I-Shift also for AWD

Eases your mind.
And lets your left foot rest.

Driving I-Shift is a real pleasure. Without the clutch pedal, you can safely sit back and concentrate on the other two. I-Shift uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and automatically choose the right gear at all times. And the software provides shifting skills that are impossible for even the best of drivers to match. Still, if you want to get more involved, you can. The buttons on the shift selector allow you to step in and shift gear manually.

Now I-Shift is an option also for AWD trucks.

Read the article with Astrid Drewsen about the expanding I-Shift offer

Let I-Shift save you fuel

Let I-Shift save you fuel.
The money will roll right in.

I-Shift is designed to save fuel. First of all, the internal losses are low – actually lower than on manual gearboxes. But it’s the electronics that really make the difference.

When driving in Economy mode, every gear change is timed precisely, to let the engine work at its most efficient rpm range. And then there’s I-Roll. It’s a unique feature used when driving downhill, automatically disengaging the engine to make use of the truck’s momentum instead of fuel. The result? Up to 2% lower fuel consumption.

I-Shift for severe duty applications

The reinforced I-Shift. For severe duty applications.

If you drive in extremely tough conditions, you will appreciate the reinforced I-Shift. It has been designed exclusively for environments where you frequently climb or descend gradients of above 10%, or drive in extremely rough terrain. Quite simply, there are fewer reasons than ever to settle for a manual gearbox or the automatic Powertronic.

More uptime

More uptime.

It’s when driving that you earn money, that’s a well-known truth. So therefore we have made some changes that will increase your truck’s uptime. We have increased the oil drain interval for both the I-Shift and the manual gearboxes, to 450,000 km. In the case of the I-Shift, we have also increased clutch lifetime and improved guided diagnostics.

How I-Shift works

How it works.

It may seem strange. Beneath the surface of I-Shift, the hallmark of modern transmissions, hides an oldschool unsynchronised manual gearbox (hence the compact design and low internal losses). But of course there’s much more to I-Shift than that. The secret lies in the intelligent electronic control unit. It’s responsible for controlling the pneumatic system that handles the clutch and shifts. By constantly receiving information about vehicle speed, acceleration, weight, road grade, torque demand and more, it can carry out every shift with extreme precision. It also communicates closely with the engine, which in turn adjusts revs and engine brake effect for fast and comfortable shifting.

I-Shift range

Type Top gear Engine torque GCW approval
AT2412E Direct 2400 Nm 44 t
AT2612E Direct 2600 Nm 60 t
ATO2612E Overdrive 2600 Nm 60 t

How would you like your I-Shift?

The software makes it possible to tailor I-Shift to your driving conditions.

I-Shift software – Distribution & Construction I-Shift software – Long Haul and Fuel Economy

Distribution & Construction (TP-DICON)

Long Haul & Fuel Economy (TP-FUEC)

Tailors the gearbox’s work for distribution and construction operations. Features include functions that aid the driver when starting and in close-quarter manoeuvring. Contains intelligent functions that minimise fuel consumption. This makes the program package particularly suitable for long-haul operations.

I-Shift software – Long Haul and Fuel Economy with I-See

I-Shift software – Heavy Duty Transport

Long Haul & Fuel Economy with I-See (TP-FUEC3)

Heavy Duty Transport (TP-HD)

Adds I-See, including I-Cruise, to the Long Haul & Fuel Economy package, for even larger fuel savings. Optimises I-Shift for heavy gross combination weights.
Heavy Duty Transport with I-See

Heavy Duty Transport with I-See

Adds I-See, including I-Cruise, to the Heavy Duty Transport package, for even larger fuel savings.

I-Shift software packages

Basic Shift Strategy  ●
Performance Shift  ●
Basic Gear Selection Adjustment  ●
Gearbox Oil Temperature Monitor  ●
Enhanced Shift Strategy  ●
Launch Control  ●
I-Roll  ●
Smart Cruise Control  ●
I-See, including I-Cruise  ●
Heavy Duty GCW Control  ●
Additional options  
Enhanced PTO Functions  ●
Enhanced Gear Selection Adjustment, including Kickdown  ●
Enhanced performance – Bad roads  ●
* Only available for AT2612E