• Ventilated discs front and rear
  • EBS Electronically controlled air brake system
  • Standard exhaust brake
  • Optional exhaust brake with compression brake
  • Hill hold option

nically controlled Volvo brakes you can rely on
The Volvo FL has electronically controlled air brakes as standard EBS - offering excellent braking performance in all weather and road conditions. Resulting in shorter stopping distances and better control than a conventional system with air brakes and EBS. The standard system can be further supplemented with the EBS medium package that includes traction control and a hill hold function, where by the simple press of a button during a hill start the service brakes are applied and not released until the engine has sufficient torque to pull away. Giving the driver extra reassurance during his normal hill start routine that whatever happens the vehicle will pull away with out the need for excess strain on the driveline.

To reduce stress and enhance the life of the disc brakes, the Volvo FL has an exhaust brake supplied as standard. There is also the option of a powerful compression brake, giving amaximum of 188kW of retardation.