Volvo FMX Equipment options introdution 1

Volvo FMX

The Volvo FMX is a proper beast, constructed and built for the hardest conditions known to trucks.

Gross vehicle weight:
18 to 48 tonnes

Chassis height:
900 to 1240 mm

D11C: 330, 370, 410, 450 hp
D13C: 380, 420, 460, 500 hp

Want more?

If you want to make your Volvo FMX even more special, there’s a long list of equipment alternatives and accessories to choose from. Everything from skid-plates and headlight guards to heated rear-view mirrors and a high-class audio system with mp3 interface.
We’ve gathered together some of the best options in a variety of equipment packages. There are five different packages for the Volvo FMX, with different levels: Driving, Visibility, Audio System, Personal Safety and Off Road FMX.