Tools which mean you spend less time on planning and admin

Simplify planning

With Driver Times, you spend less time planning and on admin. You can see how much time drivers can spend on new assignments – based on working time regulations. And the driving, resting and unloading details go back 30 days, which helps with invoicing and calculating driver wages.

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Fast and efficient, Driver Times lets you download tachograph data from the office – no matter where the truck and driver are. This makes it easy to keep your records up to date. And makes 20-minute manual downloads a thing of the past.

Saving 20 minutes per tachograph download on a fleet of 40 trucks saves you 13 hours per month. That’s an extra month each year to spend more productively.

Johan Östberg

Product specialist, Volvo Trucks

Key information keeps you up to date

Simple. Clear. And legally compliant

Driver time regulations, working hours, managing rest periods and more. Dynafleet keeps an eye on all driver activities by displaying key information on screen, and in the driver activity reports. The Driver Times Support in the cab helps the driver to comply with the driving and resting times legislation.

Key Benefits

  • Automated download of tachograph memory data and digital driver card data. All data is kept in Dynafleet, available at any time
  • Driver times prognosis continuously monitors driver times and alerts the fleet manager prior any infringement
  • Provides a basis for invoicing and calculating driver wages
  • The driving and resting time legislation is easier to manage and meet
  • Planning and administrative tasks are simplified

Now is the time

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