Autonomous Volvo FH truck operating in limestone mine.

First autonomous solution in real operation

Volvo Trucks will provide its first commercial autonomous transport solution to run in a real operation in Norwegian mining company Brønnøy Kalk AS. Six autonomous Volvo FH trucks will transport limestone over a five kilometer stretch from an open pit mine to a nearby port. The solution gives greater flexibility and efficiency as well as increased productivity.


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Transportation is really the lifeblood, the pulse of societies, it drives prosperity for business and the people. In the near future, we will start to see self driving trucks from Volvo on our roads becoming a part of our society.

Sasko Cuklev

Director Autonomous Solutions, Volvo Trucks

Automation will play a major role in tackling global challenges

The big change

We will be one billion more people on earth by 2030 – trade and transports need to keep up. As cities grow, congestion, pollution and strains on the traffic system will increase. The transport industry will play a major role in tackling global challenges, and automation will be a key factor – including the use of autonomous vehicles. For Volvo Trucks, these developments are firmly human-centric.

Automation – driving into the future

Driving into the future

Automation will revolutionize the transport industry – it will improve productivity, lower fuel consumption, and optimize traffic management and route planning among other things. For drivers it will increase safety, improve conditions and in many cases introduce new ways of working. Automation is not about killing jobs – there will still be a need for skilled drivers in the future.


Automation comes in many forms and applications, from advanced driver support systems to self-driving trucks. We are putting huge effort into solutions that will make life easier for drivers and operators – making the job more attractive and safer.

Ann-Sofi Karlsson

Director Human Factors for Automation, Volvo Trucks

Pilot project: Renova refuse truck testing in Göteborg

Meet the refuse truck that drives itself

There is a risk of accidents when refuse trucks reverse in housing areas. With a self-driving truck, only one driver is required. The truck reverses automatically, following the driver around houses collecting refuse. This research project with Swedish recycling company Renova helps to increase both productivity and safety.

Pilot project: autonomous Volvo FMX driving in the Boliden mine

Autonomous driving – under ground

Self-driving Volvo FMX trucks are being tested in regular operations at Boliden. The trucks contribute to increasing productivity and safety, as they can keep working directly after blasting is taking place. Normally a wait is required before work can commence. This is an example of full automation in a confined area, where no driver is needed.