Sustainability policies are no longer a differentiation factor. They're prerequisites for the survival of companies. We aim to be the world’s number one provider of sustainable transport solutions. Consumer awareness is a driving factor for change in the business environment, and preferences are driven by consumers’ value systems. Because of this, providing sustainable solutions for good business is our objective.


New thinking needed

New thinking needed

Increased demand for transport will mean a need for radical developments in infrastructure. Like new thinking in terms of hubs and spokes and traffic patterns. In order to reduce traffic congestion and increase safety, separate lanes for different types of road users might need to be developed. And we can think about the creation of dedicated urban transport modes for city distribution.

Volvo Trucks aims to lead this kind of dialogue with authorities, decision makers and legislative bodies. As a result, we intend to be the primary industry representative when it comes to setting standards and shaping new systems.

Volvo FH road train

Reduced carbon footprints

The environmental impact of road traffic must be brought down. Emissions have to be cut, and the carbon footprint has to be reduced. We're engaged in a multitude of projects designed to deal with this issue. One solution ready to be launched immediately is the concept of high capacity vehicles. Making two trucks enough instead of three, or one truck capable of the work of two.

Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles

Self-driving vehicles won't get distracted by phones. They can ignore light reflections and the interesting things on the side of the road that might grab a driver’s attention. The development of this kind of vehicle is already well underway. Prototypes are already on the road. Several automotive brands are pursuing a breakthrough in this area. And you can be sure that Volvo Trucks is one of them.

Volvo Trucks Platoons


A truly transformative development in traffic safety is platooning - where a column of several vehicles are interconnected and move in close formation. The column is linked by means of wireless technology, and controlled by a trained driver in the lead vehicle. When moving in designated, separate lanes, platoons provide a safe solution.

Volvo FMX on Svalbard


With looming future challenges and rapidly changing conditions, sustainability is no longer about improving the performance of a single truck, but instead the overall use of resources. Volvo Trucks has an increasingly significant role to play – as the authority on sustainable transport solutions.

Many of the answers lie in engineering, science, and technology. But to an increasing extent, they're also to be found in ethics and a determination to improve economic, social and environmental responsibility.