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  • Are heavy electric trucks ready to replace diesel trucks? For many transport assignments, the answer is yes. Hagens Transport in Norway share their experience of driving a Volvo FM Electric truck in real operation.

  • With a great amount of experience from design work in the automotive industry, Jonathan Disley is now heading the role as Volvo Trucks’ design director. Let’s hear about his vision for designing trucks.

  • What would it take to reduce the number of accidents involving heavy trucks to zero? If anyone knows, it’s Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks.

  • In two separate tests performed by German trucking magazines, the Volvo FH with I-Save came out on top for fuel economy. “This really confirms that our hard work is paying off. And with our new engine updates, the Volvo FH with I-Save will be even more fuel-efficient,” says Peter Franzén, Product Manager Engines at Volvo Trucks.

  • The passenger side turn is one of the most difficult traffic situations to handle when driving a truck in a city. Volvo Trucks’ accident research shows that an accident can occur even when the driver has looked to make sure no cyclist or pedestrian is coming. Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic and Product Safety Director at Volvo Trucks, tells us how these observations led to the development of the passenger corner camera.

  • Over the past decades, the number of fatal accidents involving heavy trucks has significantly decreased. However, they still make up around 15% of all traffic deaths in EU. The Volvo Trucks Accident Research Team (ART) has deep knowledge about which accidents are most common and why they happen.

  • Updates to the aerodynamic design of the Volvo FH will further reduce flow separation and pressure drag, and by extension, help save even more fuel in long haul operations.

  • No matter whether you’re in long haul, regional haul, distribution or construction, these latest updates for Euro 6 Step E mean serious fuel savings for everyone. Volvo has looked at the whole powertrain and made a number of upgrades that not only improve fuel economy but also deliver a smoother, more enjoyable driving experience – on and off-road.

  • Electric trucks and hot weather, do they go together? In Australia, Volvo Trucks has completed a testing program with the Volvo FL Electric to see how extreme heat can affect range and the truck’s performance.

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    03/08/2022 4 min

    Technicians with a passion 

    The International Women’s Day encourages us all to reflect upon the importance of inclusiveness and diversity – every day. While many teams are becoming more diverse, there are still roles where women are clearly underrepresented, for example as technicians. Let’s hear from four female technicians at Volvo Trucks as they share what they like best about their jobs.

203 matches

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