Electric transportation: Services and support

Volvo Trucks has been putting fully-electric trucks on the road since 2018 and offer an entire range that suits transportation needs from lightweight deliveries to tough construction assignments. But an all-electric fleet is nothing without the services and support to match. And our partners know that we’re here for them in this respect, too. Read on to find out how, with our support, your electric trucks will become a complete electromobility solution.

Staying in charge

We’re here to help you with everything charging-related, from setting up the infrastructure to maximising your potential and productivity once on the road. And we’ll also help you plan according to routes,  charging slots and operating hours.

  • AC wall box, designed for overnight charging, included with each truck purchase. 
  • Guidance to higher-capacity solutions and professional electricity partners

Deliver on time

Make the most of a transport solution that helps you keep your promises – one that’s ready whenever you need it. 

Our Volvo Gold Service Contract gives you access to everything you need to minimise the risk of any unplanned stops:

• Complete truck coverage

• A service plan tailored to your needs and schedule

• Monitoring of uptime critical systems such as the battery

• Remote diagnostics and maintenance

• Volvo Action Service On-Call

• Genuine Volvo Services and Parts - no compromise on quality

• Generous uptime commitment 

Complete in control of routes and range

Range optimisation means that you won’t end up having to sacrifice payload in order to carry more batteries than you actually need. You’ll be given access to tools that let you run range simulations and help you to plan your routes – both in advance, and dynamically during the workday.

  • Volvo Connect lets you send routes directly to the driver display.
  • Drivers can receive feedback on energy-efficient operation and range optimisation as well as gain an understanding of the energy improvement potential.

Thinking about going electric?

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