Volvo Trucks’ cab plant is the world’s most environmentally optimised paint shop. Yes, it’s really green. But any colour can be chosen.

Customers can save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop. Instead any Volvo cab can be delivered in the colour of their choice. 800 different hues, tints, and shades are available. If the right colour is hard to find, we can custom-mix virtually any colour. 

Want a preview? Use the cab colourizer below. 

Looking for a Volvo FH or another truck model? Try out the colourizers on your local site. Just, use the market selector. 

The perfect hue

This colourizer contains all colours available in the sales system. Many of the solid colours can be had with a clear coat layer. If a requested colour is hard to find, local Volvo Truck dealers are happy to assist. 

A real life experience

The image shows a truck with the highest possible paint level. Please note that a computer monitor cannot fully do justice to the colours. Please also note that not all hues are available on all models and markets. Actual paint samples can be viewed at a Volvo Truck dealer.