Maintaining high average speed while saving fuel. It’s a tough balancing act. At Volvo Trucks, we are inspired by the daily challenges facing drivers and haulage companies around the globe. That’s why we have developed a unique powertrain that delivers enhanced performance and improves fuel efficiency.

The result is a golden opportunity for our customers. Higher average speed increases profitability. At the same time, both fuel consumption and environmental impact are reduced.

Sounds easy? Read on.


Volvo FH going up hill

Boosting fuel efficiency and productivity with I-Shift

No wonder I-Shift, the automated gearbox, has become the most common transmission in Volvo trucks. It’s not just about taking truck performance and driver comfort to another level. We also want to help every driver to become more fuel-efficient.

The next step is I-Shift Dual Clutch. Two gearboxes in one. No interruptions in power delivery or torque. It means higher average speed. Yet lower fuel consumption.

I-Shift with crawler gears is good news for the heavy transport and construction industries. It has a faster rear axle ratio. This allows cruising speed to be maintained at much lower revs. And the lower the revs, the more fuel-efficient the truck.

The crawler gears make starting from standstill with heavy loads much easier. Even with up to 325 tonnes on-board.

A series of software packages that are suited a variety of transport assignments mean even more fuel efficient and economical driving. Like Long Haul & Fuel Economy that optimises cruising speeds in long-haul assignments. 

A close up of the Volvo D13 Euro-6 engine


How do we achieve more power yet use less fuel? By giving the engine the right amount of power from the start. Engines with less power must work on higher revs. This uses too much fuel.

Our new integrated powertrain features an enhanced Euro-6 engine together with Volvo’s unique I-Shift. Compression ratio is increased on the D13 420 and 460 hp versions. There is also a new optimised turbocharger on the 500 and 540 hp variants of the D13 engine. The result is more fuel-efficient engines.

Volvo FH rear axle


What do we mean by the correct ratio? Well, it’s all about rear axles. These are the last link in an efficient chain which delivers power from the engine to the truck’s wheels.

By equipping our rear axle with the right ratio for long haul, it works in perfect harmony with our D13 engine and I-Shift Dual Clutch.The result? Lower revs. A more comfortable drive. And greater fuel efficiency.

A silver Volvo FH 540 truck in sunset

I-Cruise helps keep speed steady

Intelligent cruise control. I-Cruise adjusts speed to keep fuel consumption down. This not only helps increase productivity by maintaining a high average speed. It also contributes to a safer, more comfortable drive.

Combining I-Cruise with I-See creates a faithful fuel-saving partner. 

A silver Volvo FH 540 climbing a hill


I-See records information about road typography and stores it in a central database. Free for other trucks to use. This information allows the truck to automatically react to gradients in order to avoid unnecessary gear changes. No maps or GPS required.

Volvo Trucks tandem axle lift

Raise the drive axle

Lower turning radius. Maximum traction. Lower fuel consumption. Tandem Axel Lift combines the traction and load capacity of four-wheel-drive with the driveability and efficiency of two-wheel-drive.

Also, by disengaging the drive axle when not in use, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 4%.

Volvo Trucks airflow package minimising wind resistance

Details that make a difference

Fine tuning here and improvements there. There are a lot of small efforts to be made, resulting in great improvements on the average speed and fuel consumption.

With the help of wind tunnel tests, we have fine-tuned the air deflectors. The result? Significantly lower fuel consumption.

Engine driven components - such as air compressors and steering servo pump - consume fuel when in use. And even the engine itself. Shutting them off when they are not in use saves fuel. And money.

Energy efficient tyres bring out the best in a truck. For example, 315/70 R22.5 tyres are specifically designed for long haul transport. Fuel savers to suit every assignment.

Together with correctly aligned wheels and axles, the right pressure in truck tyres can lower fuel wastage from truck to truck. In a sizeable fleet, this can add up to a significant yearly saving.

A driver with a Volvo FH truck


It’s clear that tomorrow’s technology will further increase fuel efficiency.  And continue the mission to make roads around the world safer for everyone. Yet one factor will always be most important in this regard. The driver.

At Volvo Trucks, our courses are structured to create better drivers. Safer and more efficient drivers. Driver Development and Advanced Fuel Economy are focused on exactly this. A rewarding investment for haulage companies worldwide. 

Volvo Trucks new service planning icon


Wear and tear on trucks is inevitable. However by taking proactive steps, we minimise unplanned workshop visits for our customers.

Volvo Trucks’ updated communication system – Telematics Gateway – connects trucks remotely to our workshops. Service technicians are then able to monitor and carry out preventive maintenance as needed. Which helps us deliver on our maximum uptime guarantee.

Volvo Trucks Dynafleet Fuel and Environment app


Follow the performance of trucks and drivers. Use a Fuel Efficiency Score to quickly identify potential savings. Encourage and improve driving techniques.

Dynafleet Fuel & Environment provides unrivalled insight into fleet and driver activities. It’s fast and accurate. And the data it generates can be used to reduce fuel consumption by up to 5%. 

A paraglider and a Volvo FH truck through a tunnel

Have you missed the live test film?

This film "The flying passenger" was launched on social media in late November 2016 and was an instant success. The purpose of the film was to show the technological features that make it possible for a Volvo truck to maintain a high average speed ​while improving fuel efficiency and keeping a paraglider up in the air​​​​.

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