Our most versatile truck to date. Stunning design, fantastic handling - and great operating economy. A truck that uses every drop of fuel as efficiently as possible. That makes bodybuilding easy. And that allows its driver to do the job better, with less effort. Meet the Volvo FM.



Regional distribution
Auto transport



Middle East/Africa
Latin America

 The Volvo FM, equipped for tanker transportation

The Volvo FM can be adapted to your transport assignment. Holes on the straight frame allow bodybuilders to attach a superstructure directly to it. It’s easy to tailor this truck to your requirements.


Gross combination weight

44–120 tonnes



D11K: 330, 380, 430, 460 hp

D13K: 420, 460, 500 hp



Day cab, Low sleeper cab,
Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab,
Globetrotter XL cab


See the truck in action



Volvo Dynamic Steering

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The most significant invention since power steering. Perfect stability at high speed. Total control at low speed – even when reversing. Effortless manoeuvring, with extreme precision.

 I-Shift gearbox with automated gear changeing


Uses its built-in intelligence to quickly and automatically choose the right gear. This gearbox is designed to save fuel. And to make driving more comfortable, and more safe.

Volvo FM low sleeper cab

Low sleeper cab

When transporting cars, you need a low truck. One like the Volvo FM with the Low sleeper cab. 261.5 centimetres from road to roof make it the perfect choice for car transporters, and other height-sensitive applications.