Volvo IFS in action: video

Watch Individual Front Suspension in action

IFS provides stability and responsiveness

Arrow straight, curve responsive

With Individual Front Suspension the truck stays perfectly straight, even over bumps and potholes. It dramatically improves cornering, hugging every turn with precise control. And it increases roll stability by 50%, keeping you steady at any speed.

Much of the innovation lies in the axle

The innovation in the axle

1. Double wishbone design
Lets the wheels move vertically, independent of each other.

2. Rack and pinion steering 
Puts you in direct contact with the wheels with virtually no slack, for extra responsive steering. 

3. Cross members
These handle the stabilising job normally done by the front axle.

4. Air bellow
Absorbs shocks and controls vertical movement for comfortable suspension.

Individual Front Suspension is available for 4x2 and 6x2 with tag axle or pusher axle (only tractor), axle load up to 8.5 tonnes.

IFS and Dynamic Steering: revolutionising truck handling

Volvo Dynamic Steering

Individual Front Suspension and Volvo Dynamic Steering have revolutionised truck handling.

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