Unprecedented handling

Rebuilt structures. Re-engineered steering. And chassis features that break new ground in the truck industry. When we designed the new Volvo FH, we didn’t just improve handling. We transformed it.

Being able to drive with perfect control and less strain makes you more effective. And it makes you safer. So sit back, strap in, and enjoy driving a truck that feels nothing short of sporty.

The real test of a truck’s handling comes when you meet another truck head-on, in a bend, at 80 km/h. In the Volvo FH it’s no problem.

Stefan Axelsson

Manager – Handling and Ride, Volvo Trucks

Individual Front Suspension and Volvo Dynamic Steering combine to give outstanding stability, control and manoeuvrability

World-first features

Two technologies. Two milestones in the truck industry. Individual Front Suspension and Volvo Dynamic Steering give you stability and control at any speed, and make manoeuvring so easy you can do it with one finger. Together, they take heavy truck handling to a whole new level.

Meet Individual Front Suspension
Improved chassis suspension and shock absorbers give a smooth drive

Everything optimised

When it comes to handling, small changes add up to big gains. We gave the Volvo FH more powerful and better-positioned suspension springs. And re-angled the shock absorbents to divert bumps away from the chassis. All in all, our optimizations improved yaw damping by 100%. And you get a solid, stable and safer drive, on any road.

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Don’t take our word for it

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