The Search has begun.

To get the absolute best drivers in the 2016 edition of The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge, Volvo Trucks decided to arrange The Search. Skilled drivers from all over the world will battle to qualify for the global final in Gothenburg on the 9th of September 2016.

Do you have what it takes to be the next fuel-efficient champion of the world? If you think YES - then do not hesitate. Contact your local dealer and apply as a contestant in The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge today!

Follow Christian's search for wildcards

Follow Christian's search for wildcards

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A competition about fuel-efficiency

A competition about fuel-efficiency

Fuel-efficiency is one of the most important factors for both the environment and a company’s economy. Volvo Trucks is proud of building trucks that have extremely low fuel consumption, but it’s just as important to have fuel-efficient drivers as fuel–efficient trucks.

To stimulate fuel-efficient driving and to reward especially skilled drivers, Volvo Trucks is hosting The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge – a global competition for drivers of all brands. It’s about driving as economically as possible on a specified route.

The best drivers from each market will be invited to the World Final in Volvo’s hometown Gothenburg (Sweden) to compete for the prestigious title – “The most fuel efficient driver in the world”. Besides honour and glory, the winner will receive an exclusive travel experience.

Every drop counts

Every drop counts

The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge is a part of our fuel efficiency philosophy – Every drop counts. Volvo Trucks already has the most efficient driveline in the industry. By arranging this competition we also highlight the importance of fuel-efficient drivers. One percent here, one percent there; it soon adds up to noticeable savings. This is the thinking behind our philosophy.

We are constantly scratching away, looking for new ways to make our trucks run further with less fuel and less impact on the environment and the bottom line. This is an ongoing, long-term commitment. We’ll carry on improving fuel efficiency in all our products and services. And the forecast for the next ten years is bright.


By 2025, fuel consumption is expected to be reduced by an additional 10 percent, thanks to technological improvements. This demonstrates the great potential of focusing on the efficiency of proven powertrain solutions. Volvo’s vision is to be a world leader in sustainable transport solutions. We’re determined to be part of the solution. This includes taking part in international forums that give global, national and local recommendations about sustainable transport solutions.


Because every drop counts.

As a contestant you will be judged on four different parameters

This is how the competition works

As a contestant you will be judged on four different parameters:

  • Follow all competition and traffic rules for the course.
  • Anticipate the course and its challenges.
  • Utilize the truck and its features.
  • Complete the competition course in the best time and use the least amount of fuel (diesel) possible.
The driver¨s fuel challenge 2016
Contact your local dealer

Contact your local dealer.

Contact your local dealer and apply as a contestant in The Drivers’ Fuel Challenge today!

Contact your local dealer