Public service

On a rescue mission

Carrying out rescue operations or maintaining and expanding society's infrastructure put personnel and trucks to the test. Efforts that can save lives are counted in seconds and every decision counts. It is crucial that trucks and gear are reliable even in the toughest of conditions. And, just like your crew is specially equipped for its job, we too have trucks that are specialised for the task. Specialised in every detail and constructed to serve as tools for saving lives, the Volvo FM and Volvo FH are up to the job.

The vehicles are defined by:

  • Designed to get all the equipment and personnel to the location on time
  • Powerful driveline
  • Safe in hazardous environments
  • Good handling in poor conditions thanks to specialised high ground clearance chassis
  • Guard plate and sturdy bumper to protect the engine
  • Safest cabs available
  • Traction for extreme conditions