Rear axle

Getting the power down - whatever the job 
Volvo RT3210HV is a tandem axle with hub reduction, designed for maximum loading capacity of 32 tonnes and engine torque of 3550 Nm and. High rear axle ratio of 7.21:1 ensures enough tractive effort on the Tyre to negotiate the steepest gradient with ease, even under heavy load.
  • The axle casing is cast in nodular iron, giving a compact design with high ground clearance
  • Most of the torque conversion takes place at wheel hubs with four planetary gears. This reduces load on the driveline and improves vehicle’s reliability and durability
  • Three reliable differential locks (between the wheels and between the axles) function guarantees very good grip when the surface is slippery
  • Wheel bearings in the form of maintenance-free unit bearings give longer life and easier servicing