Volvo's new audio systems are specially designed for the tough working environment of trucks. Neither bumps nor vibration affect their first-class sound reproduction. The DSP system offers digital "room simulation" audio reproduction and a sound pattern that is constantly adjusted so that you always feel that you are seated in the middle of the flow of music.

Functions for all radio units:
VR 300 18 pre-selection choices for FM stations, 12 for AM and 6 for LW. Autostore of 18 FM, 12 AM and 6 LW radio stations.

RDS holds onto your preselected station when the transmission frequency changes. EON and TP provide immediate traffic information no matter whether you are listening to the radio, CD or cassette player. PTY automatically searches for channels with programmes that you like to hear.

On vehicles with Steering Wheel Control (audio controls integrated into the steering wheel), the driver can easily and safely raise/lower the volume while listening to the radio, CD or cassette player. It is also possible to search for channels, store tracks on the CD player and fast-forward on cassettes.

An IR remote control is available as an accessory for the VR 300.