The new Volvo FE

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Volvo FE safety cab

Developed with your safety in mind.

Volvo Trucks take your safety seriously. It is part of our heritage and is built into our core values. This is naturally a key reason behind the constant technological improvements we are making to our vehicles.

The Volvo FE features excellent visibility and improved in-cab safety, as well as an innovative protection system. This not only increases your own safety, but also the safety of those around you on the road.

Reinforced seats and seat anchoring

Reinforced seats and seat anchoring.

The seats in the Volvo FE cab are safely anchored to the floor, and the anchoring has been specially reinforced in order to provide maximum safety. In fact the entire FE cab has been reinforced to protect you in the event of an accident. It goes without saying that the cab has passed all Volvo’s collision, barrier and crash tests.

Front and rear under-run protection

Front and rear under-run protection systems.

At Volvo we have developed the FUP and RUP systems with other road users in mind. Front and rear under-run protection prevents smaller vehicles from becoming wedged under the truck if there is a collision.

Integrated seatbelts

Integrated seatbelts with increased impact resistance.

The seatbelts in the Volvo FE are integrated into the seats and provide first-class impact resistance. They are available in either black or red, the latter option making it easy for those outside the cab to see that they are being used.

Integrated headrests

Integrated headrests – safety tested.

All three seats available for the Volvo FE feature integrated headrests, which not only offer maximum comfort when travelling, but have also been tested to ensure that they provide a safe and proper restraint in the event of a collision.

All-round visibility

Enhanced all-round visibility.

When driving in an urban environment it is vital that you are able to get the total picture of your surroundings at all times. With electrically controlled, optionally heated exterior mirrors you will be in complete control of what you see. Tinted, solar managed glass is available as option. This reduces the heating up of the cabin due to sun. Extra windows in the doors and side panels are also available. These can be particularly useful when driving in confined spaces, while a rear-view window lets you keep an eye on your precious cargo.

Remote-controlled alarm

Your vehicle is secure.

An advanced remote-controlled alarm system makes the Volvo FE an enemy of the thief. Easily activated in the event of unwelcome guests trying to open the doors or disturb the vehicle, it offers you peace of mind when you are elsewhere.

Three-piece bumper

Three-piece bumper.

The front three-piece bumper has been equipped with steel corners with good impact resistance, resulting in a reduced risk of damages and the accompanying costs. As the bumper consists of three pieces, there’s a good chance just one of the pieces will sustain damage if a small accident happens. In that case, you’ll only have to exchange that single piece, thus lowering your repair costs.

Fire extinguisher

Add to your safety.

Your safety is vital to us. With this in mind, there are a number of optional safety items available to order, to make your cab interior an even safer place to inhabit. Fire extinguisher, warning vest or portable warning lamp – just choose the equipment you need.