Volvo FL cab interior

Everything in its right place.

Maps, print-outs, personal effects, your phone, and a beverage … Everything has to fit. And everything needs a designated storage space. This is why the Volvo FL cab has been equipped with a number of smart and convenient storage units. Some come as standard equipment, whereas further units can be added as options. In the FL cab everything is in its place, all the time. Explore a few of the storage options available.

Volvo FL overhead storage

Overhead storage

Your cab is your home away from home, and it’s imperative to always have access to essential equipment and personal belongings. Above your head you’ll find a big, handy storage possibility that is protected with a net or with a lid, perfect for those things you want to be able to reach quickly.

DIN compartments

DIN compartments.

Above the windscreen there are two storage units, as well as four DIN compartments. The DIN compartments are intended for items such as a communication radio, extra storage and tachograph.

Engine tunnel storage

Tunnel storage.

The space between the seats can be supplemented with a storage unit, a so-called tunnel storage compartments. These come in a variety of sizes and include different features that can be specified further.

Add more options

Add even more.

In the Volvo FL cab, every available space is utilised efficiently. Storage options are plentiful, in the form of compartments and pockets. Boxes can be fitted on the engine cover in a variety of configurations, depending on cab variant. There is also space for an additional removable storage box behind the passenger seat as well as coat hangers.