Truck uptime is serious business

We are strongly committed to reducing the need for unscheduled stops and to minimizing the time it takes to get back on the road.

  • Service & Maintenance: With one of the world's most comprehensive networks of service workshops, each staffed with well-equipped, trained mechanics, you can always rely on Volvo Trucks for fast, efficient truck repairs, maintenance and inspections.

Workshop Brochure


  • Genuine Volvo Parts: These are the same parts that go into building a Volvo truck. The best way to ensure that your Volvo remains a tool for truly cost-effective transport operations is to keep the vehicle 100% Volvo, through and through.
  • Nahas Action Service: Nahas Action Service offers round-the-clock vehicle repair support. One phone call at mobile no. 0988-77 22 11 in which you are served immediately, no matter where you are in Syria - and skilled Volvo technicians will be on their way.