FJ Harrison - Volvo Action Service

When I Stopped Volvo Started

Paul Harrison, F&J Harrison Haulage, Lancashire

When your trailer is full of frozen food and your final destination’s average temperature is 33 degrees plus, it’s crucial that your vehicle is completely reliable and that your load arrives safely and in perfect condition.

For FJ Harrison this used to be a worry, but now their entire fleet is covered by Volvo Action Service, so when an unexpected breakdown occurs, they’re completely supported whenever, wherever.

“We run 8 Volvo’s, so if one goes down it can make a real impact on productivity. The last time we had a problem the driver made just one call to Volvo Action Service and the rest was history.

The technician arrived quickly and within 2 hours he had identified the problem, fixed it and we were back on the road.

The service was excellent, they didn’t  mess us around, I can’t complain at all.”

To make sure you are completely covered and to avoid the unexpected - talk to your Volvo Truck Dealer about Volvo Action Service. They work with you to find better solutions to improve your bottom line and performance.