Volvo FL driving

Power and performance – in a perfect mix.

No matter the assignment – when it comes to urban transports, the Volvo FL will get the job done. On time, every time. The trucks’ efficiency and reliability rests upon the FL driveline – a combination of fuel-efficient Volvo engines and the best gearboxes available, all fitted to your specific requirements.


  • D5K (210 or 240 hp)
  • D8K (250 or 280 hp)
  • I-Sync (6 gears)
  • Manual (6 or 9 gears)
  • Automatic (6 gears)
Rear axles:
  • Single reduction (3 models)
  • Hub reduction (for Volvo FL 4×4)
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Euro 6

Fuel-efficient. Torque-strong. And Euro 6.

The strict European exhaust standards for diesel engines are set to regulate the amount of pollutants. The latest update, the Euro 6 standard, demands a severe reduction compared to its predecessor, Euro 5, sometimes by as much as 75%. Volvo Trucks’ solution to the challenge is to refine the selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology by adding a water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system to the engine. Both engines available for the Volvo FL range have been meticulously constructed to comply with Euro 6 – without losing power or torque or dramatically increasing fuel consumption. A win-win situation. For the drivers as well as for the environment.

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The D5K engine

D5K or D8K – engineering you can trust.

Both Volvo FL engines are developed and constructed by Volvo. Both engines feature impressive power and torque as well as an after-treatment system that’ll stand up to the strictest regulation standards. Furthermore the engines are equipped with features such as the closed crankcase ventilation, minimizing oil spillage, a variable geometry turbo allowing the engine’s turbo to be altered depending on conditions.

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Service icon

No change in service intervals.

Euro 6 demands a lot, both from engines and from service personnel. However, the strict exhaust and emission demands won’t lead to any changes in the service intervals when comparing with earlier legislation demands. The maintenance requirements for the Volvo FL Euro 6 engines remain the same.

I-Sync for Volvo FL

I-Sync. The right gear at the right time

With the Volvo FL’s automated 6-gear I-Sync transmission (available in two variants, both for the D5K and the D8K) you’ll be able to experience an even easier way of getting things done. The I-Sync provides you with the luxury of operating your gearchanges with no clutch pedal necessary thus making that inner city traffic, with the frequent starts and stops a walk in the park. Tailored for inner city distribution, optimised for your comfort.

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Switch to biodiesel?

The D5K240 can now be factory-prepared to run on 100 percent biodiesel (B100) – and certified for Euro 6. This allows you to reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying any economic incentives available where you operate.