Volvo FL driver
Looking for new ways to stay alert?

A comfortable, safe driver is a happier, more effective driver – that’s why we’ve made working in and around the new Volvo FL easier and more rewarding than ever.

Cup of coffee

With multiple entries and exits, a constant need for technical reliability and a tight schedule to keep, the daily routine of the city distribution driver is one that doesn’t allow for compromise solutions. Absolute faith in your truck, its equipment and its ability to allow you to do your job in safety and comfort is vital. In the new Volvo FL, you’ll find this in every detail.

New seat design

The new Volvo FL has a redesigned driver’s seat. As well as offering higher levels of safety and an integrated neck support and seat belt, it features more durable textile and colours that harmonise beautifully with the rest of the interior.

Ergonomic interior design

Speaking of interiors, the cab of this truck is a true expression of functional and aesthetic balance. Storage surfaces and areas are plenty and perfectly situated for easy reach meaning your movements in the cab can be economical and less tiresome.

Smart instrument cluster

Similar standards of ergonomics characterise the instrument cluster. Designed to facilitate effective operation without compromising driver or pedestrian safety, all instruments and controls are intuitively designed and smartly located. And with driver convenience and the surrounding environment in mind, it’s also worth noting that the instrument cluster now includes an AdBlue gauge and Diesel Particle Filter meter.

Small steps make a big difference

Step in (and out) of the new 10 or 12 tonne Volvo FL with 17.5" wheels and you’ll immediately notice that the instep is closer to the ground. A small change perhaps, but after the day’s last delivery, one you will definitely appreciate.

In these trucks, the days’ last delivery will feel
like the first.

See and be seen

We also understand the importance of how the driver and truck interact with pedestrians and other road users. That’s why the new Volvo FL features powerful LED Daytime Running Lights that switches on automatically when the vehicle moves forward.