Put time on your side

With characteristics ideal for city centre or suburban driving and new D5 and D8 engines, the latest Volvo FL means schedules can be kept and drivers can go from delivery to delivery quickly and efficiently.

The Volvo FL features new, entirely Volvo designed and built engines. These engines share the same concept and development philosophy as those in our larger trucks. They are characterised by a wider, flatter torque curve with a faster build up of power, even at low revs. In pure driving terms, this delivers a quicker response, higher average speed and better driveability, allowing drivers to negotiate the urban environment more effectively.

The 4-cylinder Volvo FL offers 200–500 kg extra load capacity, increasing operating efficiency.
Light-weight Volvo FL

Optimised weight and efficiency

The 4-cylinder D5K engine is now available for the 10, 12, 14 and 16 tonne versions of Volvo FL. With it, the truck weighs 200–500 kg less than with a comparable 6-cylinder engine. Still, the D5K is the strongest in its class, producing up to 240 hp. Coupled with an optimised I-Sync transmission, it makes for great driving characteristics and low fuel consumption. 

A wider, flatter torque curve and faster build up of power delivers a quicker response
and superb driveability.

A completely new program of Volvo developed engines includes the segments’ strongest – a D5 with a powerful 240 hp.
Volvo D5 engine

Euro 6 performance without penalties

The new Volvo FL fully conforms to Euro 6 legislative requirements – and does so with no increases in fuel consumption compared to Euro 5 and with reduced service interval requirements.

The new Volvo FL is available with optimised I-Sync transmission.
I-Sync transmission