Volvo FM

The versatile specialist with excellent handling and operating economy.

4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2 or 8×4

D11 or D13 (330 to 500 hp)

Volvo FM driving uphill

The driveline. Save on fuel. Not on performance.

Take Volvo’s renowned engine programme and let it cooperate with the intelligent I-Shift.

Add a range of sturdy and fuel-efficient rear axles, and you’ve got yourself a driveline that will keep on saving fuel, mile after mile.

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  • D11C (330, 370, 410 or 450 hp)
  • D13C (380, 420, 460 or 500 hp)
  • I-Shift (3 models)
  • Manual (5 models)
Rear axles
  • Single reduction (GCW approval: 44–70 tonnes)
  • Hub reduction (GCW approval: 70–120 tonnes)
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Volvo FM engine

The engines. Fuel-efficient and torque-strong.

Volvo is a leader in diesel engine technology. If you're a transport operator, you'll notice it in your bottom line. If you're a driver you'll feel it as soon as you step on the pedal. Choose from a range of eight engines with power ratings ranging from 330 to 500 hp.

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I-Shift gearbox

Intelligent driving.
A no-brainer with I-Shift.

Of all Volvo inventions, few things have been so widely appreciated as the I-Shift. Just let go of the gear selector, and every gearshift is carried out quickly and fuel-efficiently. Now available with the updated I-See function, saving up to an additional 5% of fuel.

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Fuel saving packages

The fuel deal. Up to 11% fuel reduction.

Want to save even more fuel? We’ve bundled our most fuel-saving features into two packages. They contain both nifty hardware features, such as I-See and engine idle shutdown, and helpful services such as the new Fuel Advice.

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