Volvo FH

The new leader in long haul. For unparalleled driver comfort and operating economy.

Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13C: 460, 500, 540 hp
D16G: 600, 700 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter XL cab
New Volvo FH instrument cluster

All you need to see to focus on the road.

Just take a quick look, and you've got all the information you need. The new instrument cluster is designed to provide you with all possible support, without distracting you from traffic.

  • New, intuitive design
  • Secondary Information Display (SID)
  • Driver Information Display (DID)

Secondary Information Display.

To the left of the instrument cluster, you’ll find the home of infotainment – an integrated display. It’s called the SID (Secondary Information Display) and contains plenty of interesting features. Some of them require the SID-High variant (shown), which is a 7" colour display.

Built-in GPS navigator
Volvo FH has a brand new, fully integrated navigator. Knowing the truck’s specification, it can use map data to help you choose a route that suits your axle load and vehicle height. It also integrates nicely with Dynafleet, so you can receive exact GPS destinations from the office.

Audio system
Lets you enjoy full information on each track, and navigate easily among them.

Connects via Bluetooth so you can browse your phone book, talk into the built-in microphone and listen through the speakers.

No separate display needed. All information from Volvo’s transport management system is now integrated in the SID-High.

Driver Information Display.

Convenient 4" display showing a lot of additional information. Choose what you want to see, using the steering wheel buttons.

Gauges your way
Plenty of status indicators and trip information. The customised view lets you select up to three favourites.

Driver Alert Support
If unfocused driving is detected, a clear message shows up in the display. Learn more about our driver support systems

Load indicator
The enhanced load indicator allows you to precisely monitor axle load.

Understandable error messages
No perplexing fault codes. The error messages quickly and accurately tells you what’s wrong – in plain text.