Short facts

Total weight:
Up to 100 tonnes

Chassis height:
810 to 1200 mm

D13A: 360, 400, 440, 480 hp

Built for performance

Tanker operations, refuse handling, construction duties or driving across a continent. The Volvo FM is a workhorse, built for a broad range of tasks. With low overall lifetime cost and a robust but lightweight chassis, it is durable and reliable like no other truck you have ever seen. And with a selection of driveline combinations this Volvo truck is adaptable to your specific business. The Volvo FM is how we define flexibility.

  • Wheelbase from 3 to 6.7 m
  • Rigid or tractor 
  • D13A engine; 400, 440 or 480 hp
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • Four comfortable cabs