The new Volvo FE

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4×2 tractor; 4×2, 6×2 or 6×4 rigid

D7E (240, 280 or 320 hp)
Volvo FE cab storage

Everything in its right place.

In the dashboard. On the doors. Above your head. Between the seats. Take a look around the cab of the Volvo FE and you will find an abundance of space to store your items. Plus, you have the option of adding yet more storage units if you so wish.

The Volvo FE cab – home comforts, wherever you are.

DIN compartments

DIN compartments at your service.

Above the windscreen there are two storage units, as well as four DIN compartments. The DIN compartments are intended for items such as a communication radio, extra storage and tachograph.

Overhead storage

Overhead storage – with net or lid.

For added convenience there is a roomy storage compartment above your head, protected with either a net or lid.

Extra space

Extra space for all your gear.

The Volvo FE comfort cab features a tunnel box storage compartment at the rear, with space for a bottle. Furthermore, the space between the seats can be supplemented with a storage unit. These come in a variety of sizes and include different features that can be specified further.

Storage box

Add your own storage spaces.

In the Volvo FE cab, every available space is utilised efficiently. Storage options are plentiful, in the form of compartments and pockets. Boxes can be fitted on the engine cover in a variety of configurations, depending on cab variant. There is also space for an additional storage box behind the passenger seat.

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