Tailored for your comfort.

The spacious interior of the Volvo FL cab has been designed with one person in mind – the driver. In every detail and aspect, we’ve taken ergonomics and comfort into account. The placement of the controls and gearshift, the easy-to-see, intuitive dashboard, the comfortable seats and the adjustable steering wheel – all are the results of testing and developing with one final goal in mind: the best working environment possible.

Spacious cab interior

Spacious and roomy.

The Volvo FL range offers you a choice of two sizes of cab: the day cab and the comfort cab – all depending on your need for loading space.

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Comfortable seats

New levels of comfort.

New ergonomic seats are a key feature of the Volvo FL cab interior, with improved anchoring, integrated headrest and seat belt. New upholstery material provides added resistance to dirt. Both the driver and the passenger seats can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Perfect control

Perfect control – with a single glance.

The instrument cluster and the dashboard of the Volvo FL has been constructed and laid out to be as intuitive as possible. The instruments have been placed to provide the best ergonomics possible, while the dashboard’s gauges are placed to give you a perfect overview of operations at a single glance.

Low interior noise

Low interior noise.

Improved sound isolation means that the Volvo FL can be driven in a relaxed environment with noise from the exterior as well as engine and tyre minimised.

Overhead storage

Ample storage space.

Compartments in the doors and in the dashboard,. Overhead storage, tunnel storage box between the seats. And the option to add even more storage units in the cab. In a Volvo FL you’ll never lack compartments for storing away the essentials. Or the non-essentials for that matter.

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Fire extinguisher

Add to your safety.

Your safety is paramount to us. It should be to you too. Therefore there is optional safety equipment that you can order to make your cab interior even more safety-conscious. Fire extinguisher, warning vest or portable warning lamp – all is there for the asking. And for your well-being.

Audio options

Soundtrack your journey.

A journey goes quicker when you have a soundtrack. There are three different audio packages available with the Volvo FL – from USB connections, CD and mp3 players to radio variations – with integrated hands- free and remote controls for your convenience.

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Volvo FL steering wheel

Adjust your steering wheel.

The steering wheel can easily be adjusted to your favoured position and has a diameter of either 460 or 500 mm.