Volvo headlights – lighting your way.

On dark winter mornings. Or at dusk, working through the night. When spending long periods on the road, you need a truck fitted with headlights of the highest calibre.

The Volvo FL is equipped with state-of-the-art lamps that light your way, whatever the task at hand. A powerful beam can be relied upon to provide an excellent view of what’s happening ahead of you, while flexible lighting around your truck offers an unrivalled field of vision.


V lights. Stand out from the crowd.

The headlights of the Volvo FL have been designed to belong to the family. The characteristic and confident V-shape of the new LED lights will make you stand out in traffic, and makes the truck a part of the prestigious Volvo family.


Long-lasting visibility.

By using effective headlamps with High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs we obtain effective lighting that resembles daylight, which is more comfortable on your eyes. HID bulbs also last longer than regular headlight bulbs.

Lights add safety.

Light adds safety.

The Volvo FL’s headlights produce a beam with high brightness that increases night-time visibility and provides better right-shoulder visibility.