Many entries and exits every day

Take an easier step
into a comfortable workday.

It might seem obvious. One of the most important factors, besides the actual driving, is the constant exiting and entering of the cab. And much more so in the inner city distribution segment, with its frequent starts and stops. But fear not, with a Volvo FL this part of the workday has not been forgotten. Rather, we’ve made it the best it could possibly be.

Steady footing.

The two-stair instep of the Volvo FL has been fitted with a slip-free coated surface to ensure that you always find your footing on those slippery and rainy days. Furthermore the latticed stairs will make sure no snow, sleet or treacherous puddles impede your passage.

Never loose sight.

To make it easier on dark night assignments, so that you always find your way back into the safety of your cab, the instep has been equipped with lights to guide your way.

Handholds close at hand.

The handholds of the instep are designed to provide maximum support at the easiest reach level possible. It might seem like a small detail, but over-reaching is both frustrating and strenuous – with a Volvo FL everything has been designed to fit.

Ergonomically designed.

To facilitate the entries and exits, the instep has been positioned at the most convenient angle. Instead of placing the steps at a straight angle directly outside the cab door, they have been slightly turned, thus making them both easier – and safer – to climb.

The Volvo FL instep.