Volvo FL safety cab

At Volvo, safety always comes first.

A Volvo truck might be power, performance and excellent technology – but first and foremost we pride ourselves with our safety thinking.

In a Volvo Trucks cab, the driver comes first. The Volvo FL cab is no exception. With excellent in-cab safety measures such as the integrated seatbelts and anchored seats and with superior visibility, you’ll always have full control and feel truly safe behind the wheel.

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Reinforced seats

Reinforced seats and seat anchoring.

The seats in the Volvo FL cab are safely anchored to the floor, and the anchoring has been specially reinforced in order to provide maximum safety. In fact the entire FL cab has been reinforced with as much as 31 kilos of extra steel to protect you in the event of an accident. And naturally the cab has passed all Volvo’s collision, barrier and crash tests.

Volvo FL front under-run protection

Front and rear under-run protection systems.

At Volvo we have developed the FUP and RUP systems to keep your fellow road users safe. Front and rear under-run protection prevents smaller vehicles from becoming wedged under the truck in the case of a collision.

Integrated seatbelts

Integrated seatbelts – in red or black.

The Volvo FL features seatbelts that have been integrated into the seats to provide an extra safety measure. The seatbelts are meticulously tested and have an excellent impact resistance. The seatbelts can be specified in red colour in order for passers-by to see that they are in use.

Integrated headrests

Integrated headrests and smooth corners.

The cab’s seats feature integrated headrests, thus adding to the safety of the driver in the event of an accident. Moreover the entire dashboard, the steering wheel and the controls are free from any sharp edges that could cause damage should a collision happen. All carefully tested, among other things through the Volvo head impact test.

Volvo FL mirror

Enhanced all-round visibility.

To minimise the risks of the crowded inner city environment, the Volvo FL is equipped with a large windshield – with tinted protection as an option. With electrically or manually controlled, optionally heated exterior mirrors you will be in complete control of what you see.

Extra windows in the doors and side panels are also available, particularly helpful when driving in confined spaces, while a rear-view window lets you keep an eye on your precious cargo.

Three-piece front bumper

Three-piece bumper.

The front three-piece bumper has been equipped with steel corners with good impact resistance resulting in a reduced risk for damages that otherwise might end up being unwelcome costs.

As the bumper consists of three pieces, there’s a good chance just one of the pieces sustains damage if a small accident happens. In that case, you’ll only have to exchange that single piece, thus lowering your repair costs.

Remote-controlled alarm

Safe and secure – when you’re not there.

Naturally your Volvo FL can be equipped with a comprehensive, remote-controlled alarm system that will deter thieves and prevent theft. The alarm is easily activated and is triggered should anyone try to open the doors, try to tip the cab or tamper with the battery.