Volvo FM Gearbox


  • I-Shift
  • Wide range of manual 9-speed and 14-speed gearboxes
  • Powertronic 5 or 6-speed automatic gearbox

The I-Shift will change the way you drive. It is a 12-speed automated gearbox applicable to long-haul, distribution and construction duties, dimensioned to handle gross combination weights above 80 tonnes. It is quiet and more compact than ever, weighing approximately 70 kg less than a manual gearbox.

To suit a variety of needs the Volvo FM can be fitted with several 9 or 14-speed manual gearboxes. All feature servo synchromesh and wire operation, which results in low gearchanging force and less lever vibration. The range-change and splitter gearboxes are available in versions intended for different engine torque levels and optionally with overdrive as well.

Powertronic is a 5 or 6-speed automatic planetary transmission intended for construction and distribution duties. It can now be combined with all engine outputs. With good starting and driving properties it has two operating modes, as well as manual gearchanging. The gearchange is without any interruption to power delivery. The Powertronic also reduces internal loss in hill climbing.