Fuel consumption is key

The fuel consumption of your new Volvo FH is by far the factor that has the most dominant influence on your environmental footprint. Luckily, Volvo Trucks can offer you plenty of ideas on how to keep the diesel drinking as limited as possible.


Fill with thought

One way to get to the bottom of your carbon dioxide exhaust is to make a conscious choice when filling your tank. The diagram to the right shows how the different blends available for your new Volvo FH affect the exhaust.


Every drop counts

We believe that fuel saving should be easy. That’s why we design our driveline to use every drop of fuel to the fullest. And we constantly develop new products and services to help you reduce your fuel consumption even further.

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Volvo FH

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Gross combination weight
Up to 100 tonnes

D13A: 400, 440, 480, 520 hp
D16C: 550, 610 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL cab