Volvo Trucks Driver Training Manual or I-Shift

Manual or I-Shift

Knowing and understanding your equipment is important in any trade, and in transportation it is imperative that your drivers know how to handle their vehicles properly. Getting total efficiency from your vehicle will ensure productivity and ultimately help save on your bottom line costs.

This one day course provides a basic introduction to either the I-Shift or manual transmission*, providing an in-depth understanding of the factors which influence efficiency in fuel consumption.

In addition, the course provides further training on how to use I-Shift, Volvo’s revolutionary gear changing system or a manual transmission.*

The drivers will be given practical advice on efficient driving, specifically related to their type of transport operation - whether this is long-haul, off-road or distribution. When the drivers have completed the course they will be able to drive their routes more efficiently, safely, with less stress and reduced fuel consumption.


  • Better utilisation of the vehicle
  • Lower fueland maintenance costs
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Increased safety and a lower risk of injury
  • Lower environmental impact

Course Content

  • An external walk round of the vehicle
  • An internal introduction to the vehicle
  • An introduction to all the instruments & controls
  • I-Shift or Manual transmission training*
  • An assessment drive to determine the delegates driving skills
  • A second drive to enable the delegate to practice new driving techniques

Course Details

Course Name: Manual or I-Shift
Course Reference:

    • Manual CRS 0068
    • I-Shift CRS 0069

Course Length: 1 day
CPC Hours: 7 hours
Training Method: Classroom/Truck
Course Cost: £400.00 per person

Important: The driving part of this event is conducted in a fully freighted articulated truck with Digital Tachograph therefore all delegates participating in this training event will be expected to produce the relevant C+E licence & Digital Tachograph Card before being allowed to drive our vehicles.

* Dependent on course chosen