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Contract Hire

Contract Hire is a package that includes truck, financing, insurance, repairs and maintenance. You can focus fully on your core business without worrying about your truck.

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Focus on your business - we fix everything else

The most value-adding of our offers is Contract Hire. By letting us handle everything but drivers and fuel you know your truck will do its job, so you can focus on yours. The package is tailored by your Volvo Trucks salesman and is designed in every detail to give you the chance of maximising the profitability of your operations. In addition, credit lines are preserved for other investments, giving you financial freedom to grow.
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Some financial facts and hints

All leasing fees are treated as operational costs and can be deducted to reduce the tax base. The truck doesn’t appear on the balance sheet and since we remain the owner and carry the residual risk, your financial risk is minimised. Everything that concerns your truck is gathered on one invoice, which reduces your paperwork to an absolute minimum.

Main features of Contract Hire

  • The truck is leased for a set period
  • Ownership and financial risk remain with Volvo Trucks
  • Easier budgeting
  • Better cash flow 
  • Access to the most up-to-date vehicles at a competitive monthly cost
  • No unexpected maintenance or repair costs
  • Volvo Gold service contracts
  • Preserved credit lines 
Full Service Lease

Which financial solution is best for you?

Do you want financial advice, please contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer