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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is a cost-effective way of acquiring and owning your truck without investing all your capital at once.

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Full ownership from day one

Hire Purchase is a traditional seller's credit that makes you the legal owner of the truck. You pay a portion of the price with a down payment and the rest in regular instalments. The initial capital outlay is reduced and your monthly cost is determined by the size of the down payment. The terms and payment schedule are tailored to suit your unique business situation and planned to match your costs and earnings.

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Financial facts and hints

Financially, the truck is an asset on the balance sheet and depreciated according to plan. Costs are booked as interest and depreciation. You are responsible for repairs, maintenance and insurance. This means that if you take good care of the truck you get a lower cost of ownership, improved uptime and productivity and can resell the truck at a higher price.

Main features of Hire Purchase

  • Deferred purchase 
  • Ownership of the truck without investing all at once
  • Matches cost and earnings

Which financial solution is best for you?

Do you want financial advice, please contact your local Volvo Trucks dealer