The Volvo D8K Engine.
Unrivalled Power and Performance.

The Volvo D8K engine is a top performer in any situation. Where tight manouevring is required – in heavy urban traffic for example – a lightning-fast response can be relied upon everytime.

Offering impressive flexibility and awesome power on demand, the D8K is the perfect match for the Volvo FE.

Put it to the test.

Volvo torque curve

The Volvo torque curve
– a smooth ride guaranteed.

Fast acceleration, effortless low-speed handling, first-class pulling power. The D8K engine produces a wider, flatter torque and a better response at low rpm. The maximum torque is now 1,200 Nm, which lessens the need for changing gears.

Volvo’s leadership in diesel-engine technology is immediately evident when comparing engine curves. Enjoy a fuel-efficient, pleasurable ride.

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Power take-off

With a variety of power take-off options.

In order to power your load-handling equipment, your truck must be fitted with an extra means of power supply – a power take-off. Add one or more to transfer power from the engine and drive separate attachments such as a crane or a cement mixer.

The Volvo FE features a wide variety of power take-offs for many transport assignments.

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Euro 6

When it comes to Euro 6, no news is good news.

Lowering NOₓ emissions by almost 80% and reducing particulates by half is a tough challenge. Especially if you don’t want to compromise on engine performance. But we have succeeded. Our range of Euro 6 engines still offer the same driveability and reliability as our widely appreciated Euro 5 engines did.

Our solution for Euro 6

A closed loop butterfly, a turbo, a cooled EGR and more. The new engine components serve two main purposes: to improve gas-flow and make sure the exhausts reach the after-treatment system at optimum temperature.

Extra injector
A special diesel injector is used for heat management of the DOC and ensures the efficiency of the DPF and good SCR functionality

Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC)
The DOC produces the NO₂ necessary for the DPF to efficiently combust the particulates. In cold conditions, it also provides the heat needed for regeneration.
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
The filter collects particulate matter (PM) and stores it until it’s burned off during auto- regeneration.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
In the mixing zone, the exhausts are sprayed with AdBlue. When they reach the catalysts, the nitrogen oxides (NOₓ) are efficiently transformed into harmless nitrogen gas and water.

Ammonia Slip Catalyst (ASC)
The last step before the tailpipe where the remaining ammonia (NH₃), if any, is removed.