Volvo FH16 750hp

Volvo FH16

The heavy weight champion of long distance haulage.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes. Up to 200 tonnes for special heavy haulage applications.

D16G: 540, 600, 700, 750 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

Rear axle

The task of the rear axle is to transfer drive to the road surface as efficiently and with as little drive loss as possible. Low frictional losses and well-matched fast rear axle ratios are the main factors that benefit fuel consumption.

Volvo's rear axles have been built to handle the rough stuff. They are made of sturdily dimensioned components to deal with the extreme loads and stresses to which a rear axle is subjected. There are variants that can transfer engine torque of up to 3100 Nm and can haul gross combination weights way in excess of 100 tonnes.

The rear axle range is wide - it encompasses solo and tandem axles, with single or hub reduction. All the rear axles have a differential lock. Tandem axles also have an inter axle differential lock.

Technology to reduce internal losses
The Volvo FH16 is available with a wide range of rear axles characterised by low internal losses and high reliability. Rear axles with single reduction minimise losses and are primarily intended for long haul transportation on good roads. Rear axles with hub reduction are dimensioned for high torque and are primarily intended for construction operations and more demanding haulage with high gross combination weights.

All the rear axles are available with a large selection of ratios. Partly to ensure good starting and hill climbing ability and partly to match the engine's economy range at cruising speed.

Rear Axle - brief facts:

  • Low frictional losses
  • Cast rear-axle casings
  • Maintenance-free wheel bearings
  • Differential lock as standard
  • Large selection of ratios