Volvo FH16 Driveline safety

Volvo FH16

The heavy weight champion of long distance haulage.

Gross Combination Weight:
18 - 120 tonnes. Up to 200 tonnes for special heavy haulage applications.

D16G: 540, 600, 700, 750 hp

Sleeper cab, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL

Driveline safety

Efficient power transmission
The power should get down onto the road surface with as little loss as possible. Volvo's rear axles are built for high engine torque, high axle loads and high gross combination weights.

Fast rear axle ratios
Volvo's diesel engines deliver immense pulling power. With higher torque it is possible - without raising engine revs - to fit faster rear axle ratios, which helps lower fuel consumption.

Powerful auxiliary brakes
Integrated control of the wheel brakes and auxiliary brakes - exhaust brake (EPG), Volvo Engine Brake (VEB+) and retarder - boosts both safety and productivity. The powerful auxiliary brakes make it possible to increase average speed in hilly terrain without jeopardising traffic safety. And functions such as Brake Blending deploy the correct braking system in each and every case.