Chassis safety

EBS electronically controlled fast brakes
EBS (Electronically controlled Brake System) disc brakes offer distinct and well-balanced brake feel combined with heat-resistant disc installation and simple service. They are characterised by high braking effect, while electronic control results in immensely swift response with a short stopping distance. EBS is available in Standard, Medium and High program packages. EBS Standard is standard on the European market.

ESP brake stabilisation forgives the driver
The ESP (Electronic Stability Program) stabilisation system promotes safe and secure braking with the possibility of redistributing braking force between the various wheels as necessary.

ESP operates actively to brake each wheel individually. For instance, the system registers if the truck's speed is excessive and the vehicle is on the verge of skidding or rolling over in a curve. ESP is included in EBS High and is available for 4x2 air suspended rigds and tractors.