Tight spot? No dramas
Tight spot? No drama.

Narrow passages, a road system from a long-gone era and always, the relentless pressure of time. Are you equipped to meet the city centre manoeuvrability test?


The new Volvo FE offers excellent driveability and all round visibility - perfect for the city.
Volvo FE

City centres and urban environments are getting tougher for trucks. Driving regulations and permitted stopping times are being tightened while the demand for punctual deliveries increases. You and your customers will be pleased to hear that the new Volvo FE offers manoeuvrability characteristics and features that get you in and out of where you need to be without unnecessary drama.

Designed for convenience

With its outstanding turning radius, I-Shift transmission and considerate driving ergonomics, the new Volvo FE places less physical demands on the driver than many other trucks.

Enabling technology

When it comes to increasing driving awareness, a rear camera is also among our most popular options. And with mirrors that minimise blind spots, safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users is also increased. At Volvo, we understand the importance of manoeuvrability – so why not let the new Volvo FE take you to previously inaccessible places, both literally and commercially?